If you can’t get to market on Saturday, the Muscoot Farmers Market is open on Sundays starting May 14. Stroll the grounds and enjoy a number of quality vendors then check out the animals, historic buildings and exhibits.

Please check back often as we update additional vendors to this page. We look forward to seeing you at the Market!


Every Sunday

May 14 -November 26
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

  • All our products are natural, Vegan, fresh, local. Chutneys; three Soups – Kofta, Saag, Rajma; Samosa; Roti Roll; Ayurvedic Spices; Rice.

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  • Local fresh roasted coffee and tea purveyors.  Certified organic and fair trade.  Hot and iced beverage selection made to order.

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  • Premium, select, extra virgin, cold pressed, unflitered Greek olive oil, kalamata olives, olive spread and aged balsamic vinegars.

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  • Recent work utilizes Hudson Valley native clay in some of my high fire pottery glazes, I also use our native clay for my Spring line of Terra Cotta pots.  All my high fire functional pottery is food safe, dishwasher, and micro-wave safe.

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krazy kahuna 1
  • Recent work utilizes Hudson Valley native clay in some of my high fire pottery glazes, I also use our native clay for my Spring line of Terra Cotta pots.  All my high fire functional pottery is food safe, dishwasher, and micro-wave safe.

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  • A passion for decadently delicious chocolate and handcrafted artistry is the foundation for Luxx Chocolat… xquisite and xtraordinary. Creamy, velvety smooth and elegant, every mouth-watering chocolate is created using the world’s finest chocolate and the highest quality, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients – no preservatives, no artificial flavors.

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  • Family run lavendar farm from Pawling, NY with unique and specialized lavender gifts, live plants, and culinary lavender delights.

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  • Handcrafted, small batch ketchup by chef Andy Blackman, Culinary Institute of America graduate. NY Chup uses seasonal ingredients and we never use high fructose corn syrup.  We hope you enjoy our all natural “chup.”

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  • Barrel style pickles, a variety of olives, and pickled condiments, homemade tapenades, and relishes.

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  • Cuts of lamb, skeins of wool, dryer balls, and goats milk soap.

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  • Simply the best Tea, Tisane, and herbal teas you will ever have.

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  • Founded in 2017, Dam Good English Muffins are “Handmade for Goodness Sake!” by Johnson & Wales Culinary School graduates Denise & Ross Weale, in Croton-on-Hudson, New York (home of the world-famous Croton Dam, get it?). Dam Good English Muffins are available in 3 varieties: White, Cinnamon Swirl & Honey Wheat and are made without any preservatives from premium ingredients.e.

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  • Bongo & Capacci offers gourmet ravioli, pasta and prepared foods. Ravioli include everything from sweet potato to seafood. Fresh pastas include both cuts and shapes. All of our products contain no additives or preservatives, and uses only the freshest ingredients.

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Ardent Homesteader
  • Natural ingredients are a must and quality will always prevail over quantity.  Our all-natural caramel sauce is made in small batches  here in the Hudson Valley.

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Farmers Market
  • A unique micro-brewery in Tuckahoe, NY. Our craft beers are created with the finest ingredients and attention to detail that special people and times deserve.

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Dutch Desserts
  • Dutch Desserts, from New York’s Hudson Valley, started with a Dutch Apple Tart that made people forget all about Mom’s Apple Pie. Their fascination begins with the crust, Marjan’s secret and treasured recipe.

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Clean Ridge Soap 1
  • Our signature Clean Ridge bar soaps are made with the finest essential oils, honey and plants harvested at local farms, olive, jojoba, palm and coconut oils, beeswax, and rosemary oil extract as our preservative.

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beelogo 1
  • Hummingbird Ranch has been around for going on 20 years. We started out making maple syrup, then added on a bunch of bee hives. Besides making our own maple sugar candy, maple cotton candy and maple cream we have learned to make beeswax candles, skin cream and lip balms. We make raw honey and our own HIVE MIX, a mixture of Raw wildflower honey, propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly.

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Kiernan 1
  • Kiernan Farm uses traditional techniques to produce the best tasting beef money can buy.  We use the old fashioned, natural process of dry-aging both to tenderize the meat and to concentrate its authentic beef flavor.

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meredith bread
  • Since 1987, Meredith’s Bread has taken pride in producing all-natural and preservative-free baked goods by hand. We are passionate about maintaining the quality and integrity of our products, as well as supporting the sustainability of New York State agriculture.

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  • At WillYUM Spice our vision is to provide superior spices, herbs, and seasoning blends. Our superior spices have…NO Preservatives,  NO Anti Caking Agents, and NO MSG.  We are committed to sharing our love for flavorful, savory foods while enjoying and providing resources for a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Our belief is simple: Fresh products supplied by local, family-owned farms and businesses taste better, are more sustainable, and boost local economies. That’s why our products make everyone happy.

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  • Krazy for Kazu specializes in Japanese-style ginger dressing and a variety of barbecue sauces. Try it at Muscoot!

grand strand 1
  • Our goal is to create strands of beads that are inspirational.  Inspiration may come from a well traveled bead, re-purposed for our strand; a stone with meaningful properties; the strand itself; maybe even the wearer and the strand together.

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Healthway 1
  • Healthway offers fruits and vegetables grown using a mix of low-spray, IPM, herbicide-free, and greenhouse growing methods. Come on by!

Do Re Me
  • Do Re Me offers fresh produce and friendly service. In our season we have: snow peas, snap peas, scallions, garlic, bell peppers, hot peppers, purple eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini squash, summer squash, slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, radish, fingerling potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, jerusalem artichoke, carrots, red beets, ginger, spinach, sprouts, salad mixes, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, chard, kale, arugula, asparagus, parsley, ginger, cilantro, basil, mushrooms…


Rae Ballard Knits 2
  • Handcrafted knits by Rae Ballard include scarves and wrist warmers. Delicate and trendy. Stop by in the fall as the weather gets chilly!

Du Soleil
  • Du Soleil has been creating delicious gourmet Chilean-inspired foods for over 5 years. Our most popular items at our farmer’s markets are beef empanadas, pork quesadillas, and quinoa salad. Salads and salsas are ready to be taken home as well.