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Open Auditions: November 6th and 7th, 6-8 pm.
Muscoot Farm Main House
51 Route 100 Katonah, NY 10536

Show dates:  December 6, 7, 13 & 14.

Rehearsal dates: November 16, 20, 21, 23, Dec 4, 5. Most roles will only be called to 3 or 4 rehearsals. The role of Scrooge will be called to 6 rehearsals.

This Dickens classic presented on the historic Muscoot Farm property will take attendees in and out of different character’s homes as our main character examines their life and how greed may lead to a fateful end—unless something changes! This theater experience lets audience members be a fly on the wall during this ghostly journey.

What to prepare: auditions do not require appointment. You will be asked to read scenes from the script, which will be provided.  Come any time between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. E-mail Mary at with any questions, or call (914) 864-7286.

Important notes:

  • Performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities and English language learners are encouraged to audition.
  • Performers will each be paid a $50 stipend.
  • As noted in the character break-down, some roles require performing outdoors for a portion of the show.  Please only audition if you are comfortable standing outside for approximately 10 minutes at a time in early December.


Every role in this performance is open to all gender identities.

The role of Narrator has been cast.

Scrooge – 50s-70s
Outwardly unfriendly and rude. Bitter. Scrooge has a small warm heart waiting to be chiseled from its icy shell.  Looking for an actor with a nice dramatic range to tell this personal story. Outdoor requirements: One 2-minute scene and one 7-minute scene.

Cratchit – 20s-40s
Employee to Scrooge and a dedicated parent to the Cratchit kids.  A hard worker who believes in the goodness of people. Outdoor requirements: One 2-minute scene.

Ghost of Marley – 40s-60s
Scrooge’s business partner who resides in the afterlife carrying chains for wrongdoings committed in life.  Comes in ghost form to warn Scrooge of the dangers of greed.  Tortured, intense, lost.

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future- 16-100
These mysterious beings from another realm will visit Scrooge and show glimpses of Scrooge’s world from a new perspective. Looking for actors willing to bring their individual personalities to these roles.  NOTE: The Ghost of Christmas Future will be singing a brief song a capella.  Please come to auditions prepared to sing a few bars of any slow song of a folk or rock-inspired genre.
Outdoor requirements: The Ghost of Christmas Present is outside for approximately 4 minutes, and the Ghost of Christmas Future is outside for approximately 5 minutes.

Young Scrooge – 20s-30s
Wide-eyed, hungry for success but also in love.

Scrooge’s Fiancee (name TBD) – 20s-30s
A person of hopes and ideals, holds people to high standards, compassionate.

Fezziwig – 30s-60s
Scrooge’s first boss, kind-hearted, a great host, life of the party.

Grave Visitors/Party Goers – 16-100
(WILL DOUBLE AS PARTY GOERS) These three characters walk by Scrooge’s grave and their remarks have a severe effect as Scrooge watches on. As party-goers these characters will be featured in creating the party environment at Fezziwig’s house for the scene with The Ghost of Christmas Past. Outdoor requirements: One 4-minute scene.

Tiny Tim – 6-11
The Cratchits’ child who is ill.  Optimistic.

Cratchit children – 8-18
Children of the family who are excited for Christmas and work hard to help their family.  Would love for you to bring your own personality to the role!

Shopkeepers 16 – 60s
Employees at the local market. Opportunity for comedy. Will double as party-goers. Outdoor requirements: One 5-minute scene in an old carriage house that is not heated.