Planning Your Field Trip

Before Your Visit

We encourage you to review our webpage and share information about the farm with your students.
    • Allow your students to share any previous experience they may have of the farm.
    • Plan your visit accordingly; know when your tour(s) and hayride(s) are.
    • Allow for some extra time prior to them allowing for a late bus, bathroom break, and quick stretch. Also consider visiting our farm museum, bathroom breaks upon departure and when to have snack/lunch.

Review the following guidelines with your students and adult chaperones.

2pigs 1
There is no petting or feeding of the animals.
    • The farm is a public place and we ask all groups to be mindful of our other guests. (i.e. no yelling, running, throwing, etc)
    • Please be on time to your tour and hayride. We operate on a tight schedule and any delay greatly affects other groups.
    • Only three adults will be allowed on the tour with the students. This policy is strictly enforced to allow for a positive learning experience for the students.
    • Groups are required to clean up after themselves. Please leave the picnic areas as clean as you found them.
barn 1
Arriving at Muscoot Farm
    • When you enter the parking lot, please direct the bus driver to drop off students at main entrance and park at the back of the lot.
    • If parents are driving they may use the public parking area.
    • Your group may assemble in front of the Reception Center while one teacher comes to the Farm Office (second floor above the Reception Center) to register your group.
    • This teacher will receive a (reminder) schedule for the day (for all classes).
Back In Your Classroom
  • Upon returning to the classroom encourage your students and chaperones to discuss their experience.
  • Connect their new knowledge of the farm to the lessons you are currently doing (or already did).
  • Encourage your students to use their imagination and creativity through writing, drawing or playing, to describe their experience.